What makes a butterfly so beautiful?

Hi, I’m Moriah (that’s my pen name anyway:), and I’m the artist and blogger behind Something Beautiful Collective. 

I chose the butterfly as the logo for my blog because I love their symbolism. 

Butterflies are beautiful. We see them soaring over the fields, landing on flowers, so graceful and so majestic. 

But the butterfly didn’t always look like that. 

Once upon a time, that beautiful butterfly was a boring (and some may even say, ugly) little caterpillar. Then one day it decided to build a cocoon and it went to sleep. 

While the world went on as normal, the caterpillar was waiting, and in the darkness and confinement of the cocoon, a process started to happen. 

Time passed, and the caterpillar knew it was time to leave the darkness, time to break out and rejoin the world.

But the struggle wasn’t over yet.

It started to squirm and struggle, to push and grasp, fighting against the cocoon that had bound it for so long. 

Finally, the struggle was over and the caterpillar emerged from it’s cocoon- but it wasn’t a caterpillar anymore.

It was a butterfly.

Soaring towards heaven, the newly birthed butterfly took flight.

That’s why I love butterflies. I love the parallels between our lives and the life of the butterfly.

Life is a process and sometimes in this increasingly dark world, it can seem like our lives are falling apart and that we will never see light or goodness again. We have our seasons of waiting, of darkness, and of pain, but even in our darkest seasons there is still beauty. 

Still, sometimes in the middle of life’s difficulties, it’s a struggle to see the beauty that does exist. 

Something Beautiful Collective is more than just a shop or a blog. My goal is that through every design and every word I will be able to share the encouragement and hope that God makes everything beautiful in His time (Ecclesiastes 3:11).

Just like the butterfly goes through a process before its beauty is fully revealed, so also our lives are a process. 

Something Beautiful Collective is a celebration of that process. A celebration of the beauty that can be found in life, even when life is messy and imperfect. 

There is always something beautiful!